Cherry Avenue

In 2015, the Fifeville Neighborhood Association (FNA) formed the Cherry Avenue Committee (a committee open to all FNA participants and Fifeville stakeholders), in response to ongoing discussions at FNA meetings about (1) the future of the Cherry Avenue commercial corridor and its relationship to the surrounding residential areas of Fifeville and (2) whether a Small Area Plan could help inform resident-supported development of the corridor.

Between fall 2015 and spring 2016, the Cherry Avenue Committee conducted a volunteer-led community vision survey and facilitated visioning discussions during several FNA meetings. This community-led visioning effort reached many Fifeville residents, including 61 respondents who provided written survey responses (written, online, email responses) and up to 60 participants in community visioning discussions at FNA meetings (some participants may have attended multiple meetings). The Cherry Avenue Community Visioning Summary Report documents the community visioning efforts of the Cherry Avenue Committee to date, including:

  • the development and implementation of the Cherry Avenue Survey,
  • responses to each of the five questions from the survey,
  • goals for the future of Cherry Avenue, and
  • next steps for the Fifeville Neighborhood Association.

Outcomes of the visioning process include:

  1. input on what future uses, design elements and activities residents would (and would not) like to see on the Cherry Avenue Corridor
  2. a set of goals for the future use of the corridor
  3. City selects Cherry Avenue for a Small Area Plan – a community-based planning project to help guide future development in the area

The Fifeville Neighborhood Association is committed to developing a community vision for the future of Cherry Avenue that gives voice to all Fifeville residents and reflects the greatest respect for our collective history, heritage and identity. Updates and opportunities to get involved with the Small Area Plan will be shared at monthly neighborhood meetings (second Thursday of each month) and posted on FaceBook and NextDoor.